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Digital Trading Marketplace for traditional and digital securities.

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"ASMX DTM is the bridge between the old world of investing (securities regulations) versus the new world of digital assets."

Alex Benger, CEO

ASMX DTM (Digital Trading Marketplace) offers a universal marketplace eco-system which embraces ’Smart Digital Assets (SDA)’. SDAs are exchange listed products, be it equities, debt, or fractionalised real assets such as commercial property. SDAs can have unique bespoke and automated characteristics regarding revenue distribution, registration, and settlement but which are also governed by strict stock exchange lead rules.  This offers investors the opportunity to trade smart securities in a fully regulated environment.

SDAs are products that can offer characteristics which are unique to the underlying listed asset or entity, e.g. one of our current projects is the listing of a smart digital asset which is directly linked to an energy renewable battery plant revenue stream.

ASMX is creating an eco-system of digital trading marketplaces, enabling all regulated marketplace platforms to be able to onboard investors, with full KYC/AML process, offering the ability to be able to trade all SDAs ’across multiple platforms within its marketplace eco-system.

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